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Testimonials From The People 


To the citizens of Washington county and my fellow 2A supporters;

Many of you know me as the owner of Hafer's Gunsmithing & a pro 2A rights activist for all gun owners. Some of you may know me from my previous career as a Law Enforcement officer in Washington County, where I was fortunate enough to work with many fine men and women. One of the finest is now who you know as Lieutenant Jim Holsinger.

I first met Jim through the police academy. We became friends. Working through the years side by side, as police officers, he gained my respect. Jim came to me and asked if I would endorse him as Sheriff-elect of Washington county as his friend. I advised Lieutenant Holsinger, that I would not endorse him as his friend, as I don't believe friendship is the right reason. HOWEVER, as a business owner & pro 2A rights activist, I absolutely will endorse him! Through prior work relations, true-life experiences, & knowledge of LT. Holsinger's internal administration duties, there wasn't a hesitation or doubt that he is the only true candidate for Sheriff of Washington county.

I've had countless hours & many life experiences with Jim Holsinger. Not only have we worked side by side, but we've had many 2A discussions, discussed individual firearm rights, trained and shot all types of firearms, ate dinner, discussed individual's firearms rights, went hunting, watched him as a family man, and even worked with Jim at his family's business. Throughout these experiences, I've seen Jim remain neutral and unbiased in his decisions, not work off the "good ole boy system". I've seen him make split decisions without showing aggravation or emotion. Time and time again, I've witnessed Lieutenant Holsinger earn the respect of his peers, coworkers, and friends.

As a business owner that has served the tri-state for over 22 years; as a Pro 2A firearm advocate that has first-hand knowledge of candidates and their beliefs and experience with firearms; as a father of five and a lifelong resident of Washington County; as a prior Washington County Law enforcement officer. I support the only candidate for Washington county, Sheriff-elect, Jim Holsinger.


Tim Hafer

IMG_0472 (1).jpg

To whom it may concern ,Actually it concerns each and every citizen in Washington county. I’m talking about upcoming elections in our local government and seats that are available for the right candidate to fill. Particularly for that of the Sheriffs office. As most of you know Sheriff Mullendore will not seek re-election for the Washington county sheriffs office. That leads me to the candidates for the race of this upcoming November election. I have been a citizen of Washington County for 57 years and have seen a good many changes throughout that time period ,as I’m sure that you have also. I wanted to talk about a gentleman who’s name is Jim Holsinger and has been in the sheriffs office for close to 30 years now ,and has seen pretty much everything an officer could have seen in that amount of time. What impresses me most about Jim Holsinger is that even after all of those years,Jim still has a burning desire to help people ,and keep the citizens of Washington County safe and protected at all times.Jim is the kinda of guy who would give the shirt off his back ,if it would help you. Jim has been a pillar of this county ,and has been a complete asset to the sheriffs department ,and has seen first hand how things have changed over the years while serving the sheriffs department. That’s why he has such great perspective for what needs to be addressed  in present time and in the future for Washington county’s sheriff department. Jim understands the role extremely well, and the responsibility of the oath of the sheriff’s department. It is a constitutional oath to uphold and never to be forgotten. I urge you to go to a scheduled meet and greet that will be announced on Jims website. Go talk and ask your own questions to a genuine  human being ,and you’ll see what character looks like,and sounds like,first hand for yourself. As you know every election has consequences no matter what seat it is. So do yourself a favor and get involved with your vote, and I truly believe there isn’t a better candidate for Sheriff of Washington County ,then Jim Holsinger.

Sincerely, Clyde Stotler


I have known Jim Holsinger for 30 years.  We met in the police academy and have been friends ever since.  Jim has impressed me many times over the years and what impresses me and what tells me he is the man we need for our next sheriff is his connections to the neighborhoods and communities in Washington County.  Every community has its issues and Jim understands them.  Jim better understands homelessness, addictions, gang activity, and other issues and how they affect our communities. He has been in the trenches and seen these issues firsthand and he understands the impacts of these issues in our communities. 

 Jim understands that cooperation and partnership between the different government bodies throughout Washington County and the State of Maryland are crucial to tackling the problems in our communities.  Jim is a man of integrity, who loves Washington County, and he wants to continue to see our home thrive he is ready to take on this challenge. 

Jim supports the Rights of all citizens, and he is a staunch supporter of the freedoms we enjoy.  I can’t think of a better man to lead local law enforcement into the future. Jim Holsinger works with an open ear for new thoughts and ideas, and he is not afraid to embrace ideas that are not his own.  Jim is a man I trust; he is true to his word and a handshake is his bond.  Jim has my support, and he deserves your support as the next Sheriff of Washington County.  He is the right man for the job. 

Gerry Kendle


The Sheriff is the highest elected official of Washington County.  The position of Sheriff comes with huge responsibilities and requires someone with honesty and integrity.  I feel the man for the job is Jim Holsinger.  As a retired Office Manager if 41 years with the Washington County Sheriff’ Office, I had the privilege of working with Jim and watched him advance through the ranks to his current position as Lieutenant with the Patrol Division.  His leadership and respect for his fellow deputies and coworkers reflects his fair management style.  Not only does he have a strong commitment to serve the citizens of Washington County , but he is committed to provide a FAIR and POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT for ALL EMPLOYEES  of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.  Vote Jim Holsinger for Sheriff for expert leadership!

Andrea (Andy) Wyand  


My name is John Bartles and I lived next to Jim during our childhood. Just one necessary thing for an good foundation in life is solid roots while growing up, and Jim possess this. I had the opertunity to be a small part of Jim's upbringing, he and his sister and brother had a very nice Grandfather, and every child and adult called him Grandaddy, even my father, Grandaddy was a very frequent visitor at the Holsingers, he loved children so much, he had several short songs for children and would sing while pushing us on the swing set. Grandaddy would take us on Rikshaw rides around streets of Maugansville, singing while running, giving Rikshaw rides. My Father and myself got a call from County Sherrif dept. The officer was asking questions about Jim Holsinger for he applied for a job, this would be a perfect match for Jim, we knew he would make a great law enforcement officer. Values run high in Jim, and I can just imagine he still hears his Grandaddy singing those songs in his ear. I feel Jim will make a great Sherrif of Washington County, and everyone I know is beside him in support...

John Bartles

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