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James David Holsinger was born in the city of Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland on Saturday, June 1, 1968 to parents Robert E. Holsinger Sr. and Regine L. Metcalf-Holsinger of Maugansville. He is the youngest of three siblings, which include his brother Robert E. Holsinger II and sister Lisa R. Holsinger. These three children grew up in a loving household that held strong to family values and Christian beliefs.

James, better known as “Jim” was raised in Maugansville on S. North Street, now known as Village Mill Drive. As a child he was strongly influenced by his maternal grandparents Reginald and Josephine Metcalf, who instilled his absolute sense of right and wrong. His paternal grandparents were also of great influence, with grandfather Elwood Holsinger having served as a deputy sheriff during the 1940s and 1950s. Jim’s desire to become a community servant is a

direct result of these important family influences, which held honesty and integrity above all else.

He attended school at Maugansville Elementary, Western Heights Middle, and North Hagerstown High; graduating in June of 1986. As a teen he enjoyed weightlifting, rugby and shooting sports, which included archery and shooting clays. He also loved hunting and would regularly hunt small game with his father and older brother on local farms. Those childhood experiences would become lifetime passions that would be passed on to his children in later years.

Jim was born into a small business family and became a fifth generation butcher during his early teenage years. He developed a strong work ethic and learned early-on that hard work and sacrifice were the cornerstones of success. Jim worked in the business on weekends and summer breaks during most of his middle and high school years. After graduation he began working in the business full time, supervising employees and overseeing many aspects of the day to day operations. He also supervised and worked alongside the meat cutters and game skinners that formed the backbone of Holsinger’s Meat Market’s legendary deer processing operation. 

In January 1994, Jim was hired by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, graduating Western Maryland Police Academy in May of that year. He has since served in several different leadership capacities and has risen through the ranks to ultimately hold the rank of Lieutenant. Throughout his lengthy and successful law enforcement career he has had many unique and challenging opportunities. These include supervising School Resource Officers, overseeing Public Information, and serving as a Patrol Shift Commander.

While his professional life flourished, Jim also raised a family and is a husband, father and grandfather. His nine children and nine grandchildren keep things quite busy.

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