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              Mark S. Faith 

Mark is a lifelong resident of Washington County. Married to his wife Diane for 40Years, with three children and six grandchildren. He has served the community with nearly 40years of law enforcement experience. Mark started his career as a Correctional Officer with the Maryland Division of Corrections, then furthering his career as a Police Officer with the Hancock Police Department. He retired from the Washington County Sheriff's Office after 35 Years of service holding the rank of Major. During his career he had the opportunity to work in all three of the divisions with in  Department. Mark is ready to make a difference in our community.

From Mark:

 I have known Jim for over 25 years. I have had the opportunity to work with him throughout his career, both as a coworker and as a supervisor. Jim dedicated much of his career working with the community and public safety. He worked with children in our schools to include The D.A.R.E Program and other safety related training. Jim helped develop and implement The Active Shooter Program in our public schools, also implementing  various programs designed to inform and help the senior citizens in our community. I feel Jim will make a good Sheriff due to his commitment to public safety and his knowledge of the department. Jim is ready to preserve our rights and stand behind his word.  

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